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 Website Rules

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Registration date : 2007-06-22

PostSubject: Website Rules   Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:32 am

The rules for the site are as follows....

1)There is to be no double posting, that means no posting twice in a row, simply edit your old post.

2)Don't spam the forums with posts just to get extra ranks, posts deemed as spam will most likely be deleted. If the user still continues to spam the forums he/she may be banned.

3)Posts of inappropriate nature will not be tolerated, this means no posting pornography links, inappropriate conversations, etc. Think of the site as rated PG 13.

4)Bad langauge is just not necessary on the site, i even use it sometimes but it's best if it isn't used on the site so that younger members dont feel offended. Once again think of the site as rated PG 13.

5)You are allowed one account, no more. If you want to create a new account for whatever reason then ask for your old one to be deleted.

6) Respect Administrator’s and Moderator’s Judgment; If they close a topic or etc, then it was closed/etc for a reason and there is to be no open debate about it.

7)Proper Usernames; When registering you must choose a proper username. No “noooooob” or “53267244242”. It would be best if you were registered with the same account name as on warcraft.

8)You must be at least remotely active on the website. Accounts with 0 posts may be deleted with no warning. Accounts with an inactivity of 30+ days will also be deleted.


If anyone has a question they don't want displayed publicly, contact me by PM.
No member should hesitate to post on this website.
Members may notice me breaking the double posting rule from time to time. This is only when i'm executing a command after I've made a post.
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Website Rules
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